Pages Newsletter East: April 2011

After a long and cold winter, Spring is officially here! March seemed to fly by. We were able to make it outside to play and go for walks, which was great. We have been noticing the signs of spring! While outside, we saw lots of yellow daffodils blooming around the Academy, and many trees with buds on them! As the weather continues to fluctuate throughout April, please make sure that your child has the proper clothing in their cubby, and jacket for the day. We are definitely ready for some more outside time!

April is sure to be a great month! We will continue to spend time outdoors, talking about changes that we are noticing around the center. April 11-15 is the Week of the Young Child. There is a special event planned for each day of the week. These events are Academy wide. Check the “Important April Dates” section of the Newsletter for more details! We hope that you all can participate! As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know! We would be happy to discuss them with you. Thank you for letting us spend our day with your children!

Important April  Dates:

o   4/11: “Sundae Monday” at afternoon snack

o   4/12: “Take 5 Tuesday” at drop-off or pick up. Parents many plant seeds with their child to take home.

o   4/13: “Literacy Madness.”  Parents are invited to schedule a time to read with their child’s class. Children may dress as a character from a favorite book.

o   4/14: Medieval Feast! The children will converge in the Sentries room for a feast with no silverware!

o   4/15: Picnic outdoors (weather permitting) Hotdogs, bananas, etc.

*    April 22: Academy Egg Hunt & Class Party

Ms. Christina and Ms. Katie