Lords and Ladies Newsletter East: April 2011

April Happenings

The year continues to fly by as we move forward into the month of April.  The Lords and Ladies have shown a great deal of progress in both their social and cognitive skills as we have practiced using kind words and manners with our friends.  We have begun enjoying our outdoor playground areas more as the weather has warmed for us over the last few weeks.

Letters and Numbers

The Lords and Ladies have been working on their letters and numbers.  Each week the children are introduced to a new letter and number.  We review what sound the letter makes and discuss words beginning with that letter.  We also take time to work on tracing and/or writing that letter.  The children have shown a great interest in these activities.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The Lords and Ladies class will be holding parent-teacher conferences the first week in May.  I will be posting a sign-up sheet towards the middle of April for parents to select a meeting time.  Please anticipate the conference lasting about 15-20 minutes as we will be discussing your child’s progress and interests.  I look forward to being able to spend time with each of you to share what your child has been learning throughout the year!

Egg Extravaganza

We will be holding an Academy Egg Hunt on Friday, April 22.  The Spring bunny will be visiting us.  We will also be having an party with the Jester’s class.  If you would like to bring a healthy treat, juice or party plates, please feel free to sign up on the front door of our classroom.  Please, however, do not feel obligated to do so.  We look forward to a day full of Spring fun!

Week of the Young Child

We will be celebrating the week of the young child along with the entire Academy of Early Childhood Learning April 11th – 15th.  During this week we will be hosting a variety of activities for you and your child to enjoy.  Additional information regarding this week is located on the door to our classroom.

As always, please feel free to speak with either Mr. Jordan or myself should any concerns or questions arise.  I hope you enjoy the month of April as we look forward to the warm spring weather!

Ms. Elizabeth