Knights & Maidens Newsletter South: April 2011

Last month we enjoyed discovering more about different kinds of transportation, learning about wind, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (with a visit from a sneaky Leprechaun), and discussing Spring and planting.  We will end March and welcome April learning about rain, celebrating April Fool’s, enjoying “Eric Carle Author Week” followed by the “Week of the Young Child”.  We will enjoy celebrating spring complete with an egg hunt!  Finally, we will conclude the month by learning all about the library, complete with a fieldtrip.

Important Dates

Week of the Young Child – 4/11-4/15

Egg Hunt 4/21

Fieldtrip to the Library- 4/29, leaving at 9:30 AM

Surprise Bag

4/4- 4/8 “Xx”

4/11-4/15 “Yy”

4/18-4/22 “Jj”

4/25-4/29 “Oo”


Miss Jess is happy and excited to close out the month by celebrating her one year anniversary at the Academy!

Happy April,

Ms. Suzy, Ms. Jess, and Mr. Adam