Jesters Newsletter South: March 2011

Special Events

Daylight savings begins March 13th . St Patrick’s Day is Thursday, March 17th.

Welcome to March

The month of March brings shamrocks, leprechauns, hot-air balloons, weather vanes, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, wildlife and nature into our classroom.

Your child will bring  home art work and  other special projects to share with you. Your encouragement and reinforcement will boost your child’s self –esteem as well as help to stimulate future creative development and learning curiosity.

This month promises to have many rewarding  learning experiences for our class. We hope you will share in those experiences with us!


Blue color

St Patrick’s Day

Orange color


`*Please check your child’s folder daily. There is always something important inside.

*Please make sure your child has a jacket/coat with mittens or gloves here every day at school. We do go outside every day.

*As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask us.

*We appreciate everything you do as parents.

Have a wonderful month,

Mrs. Kanthi Jayaratne, Miss Ashley, and  Miss Dina