Lords and Ladies Newsletter South: February 2011

The month of February is about love and caring. We will be discussing how to care for others and for ourselves. Through learning we will emphasize how to keep our heart and teeth healthy. Other highlights this month will include a Royal Valentine Party and a Dr. Seuss Birthday celebration. We have also included a week about going green to learn how we can care for our planet.


Ms. Melissa Feb. 9

Ava Feb. 22

School Closings/Events

Mon. Feb. 14 Sweets with Your Sweetie 7-9 AM

Class Party at 3:00.…Look for Party Sign Up

Mon. Feb. 21 President’s Day/Teacher Training

Skills/Concepts to Emphasize

Jan. 31-Feb. 4 Groundhogs, Letter E

Feb. 7-11 Royal Valentines/Healthy Hearts, Letter L

Feb. 14-18 Going Green, Letter L

Feb. 21-25 Dental Health Month, letter D

Feb. 28-Mar. 4 Green Eggs and Ham-Dr. Seuss, Letter D