Pages Newsletter East: January 2011

Welcome to the New Year! It is hard to believe it is 2011! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. We are thankful to have such wonderful parents and families here at the Academy. This month we will be saying goodbye to our friend, Kenneth. We will miss you!

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker was a great success! Thank you all for your hard work in getting the children ready for this event. We hope you enjoyed this production as much as we did. Most importantly, all of the money raised through ticket sales will be going to Pascale’s Pals. This is an organization helping families and children at the University of Missouri Children’s Hospital, both with necessary items and fun gifts.

Thank you, parents for making sure your child has enough warm clothing and an extra set as well. We appreciate it! If the weather is warm enough, we are still trying to go outside for a few minutes to stretch our legs and get some fresh air!

We have heard from a few parents that they will soon be starting potty training with their child at home. In the classroom right now, we ask children if they would like to sit on the small potty chair during diapering times. If there is anything special that you say to your child or a special reward that you would like us to follow through with at school, please let one of their teachers know and we will try and keep that going! Also, if there is a special sign or cue your child uses to tell you that they need to go, we would love to know so we can keep our eyes out! Keeping the routine between home and school as similar as possible with potty training will make it that much easier!

Important January Dates:

  • January 2: Kenneth turns 2! J Happy Birthday!
  • January 17: ACADEMY CLOSED in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Ms. Christina and Ms. Katie