Sprites Newsletter East: November 2010

Looking Back:

October has come and gone. We have gained two new friends in the Sprites room as well as had old friends move up to Pixies. The Boo Blast was fun and we got to see a lot of the Pixies/Pages in costume. We have had several children begin crawling, which is very exciting.

Looking Ahead:

We are excited for all the events coming up in November. We have Lillie and Kai to get to know and we will be scheduling Parent Teacher Conferences November 11th and 12th.

Upcoming Events:

November 19 – The Feast

*Please join your children for the Feast. If you have older children you and your child can go eat with older child’s class.

November 11-12- Parent Teacher Conferences

November 25-26- Closed

December 15 – The Nutcracker

* Our kids are usually snowflakes in the Nutcracker!!

Ms. Meghan and Ms. Cheryl