Squires Newsletter South: September 2010

The Squires are having so much fun getting to know each other and exploring our new classroom.  Our days have been filled with exploration of our centers, different types of art, and plenty of singing and dancing.

In September we will spend our days learning about families, apples, autumn, and cooking.  We will also spend time focusing on our letters, colors, and shapes.  There will be lots to do with all of our activities and our usual Spanish class taught by Ms. Maggie, Dance class taught by Mrs. Laura, and Music class taught by myself.

Please encourage your child to find objects at home that will fit in our Brainstorm Box involving the letter, color, or shape of the week.  We will share these things as often as they are brought.

Weekly Focuses:

September 7-10 Hh, Blue, Square

September 13-17 Aa, Yellow, Heart

September 20-24 Tt, Purple, Octagon

September 27- October 1 Nn, Green, Rectangle

Dates to Know:

Academy closed September 6th in observance of Labor Day

Annual Academy Open House September 16th 6:30pm

Thank you so much for sharing your child with us!

Ms. Michelle & Ms. Lisa