Pixies Newsletter East: September 2010

August Recap

August went by so quickly. We can hardly believe it’s September already. We hope the Academy picnic was as much fun for everyone as it was for us. Water play has been a favorite time for the children as well as the teachers. The Pixies have done a great job picking up on the sign language we have worked on. We can tell they have been getting a lot of help at home. Thanks to all of the parents for that!

Coming in September

We will be seeing lots of changes in the Pixies room this month. Ms. Christina will be moving into the Pages room to teach. Pixies will have a new teacher, Ms Bethany. We are excited for her to be with us. In September we will continue to work on language skills using both signs and words. We also plan to work on writing skills, you will be seeing lots of papers with what looks like scribbles. These scribbles will show development and how they are progressing over time.

We want to thank all parents for your support with our classroom. It keeps things running smoothly. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or concerns.

Special Days in September

Sept. 6 – Academy closed in observance of Labor Day

Sept. 16 – Back to school night

Sept. 22 – First day of autumn