Lords and Ladies Newsletter East: October 2010

Welcome to October!  We have so much fun planned this month learning about pumpkins, watching the leaves change, and seeing our students’ imaginations running wild with the fun of Halloween! We will be finishing up phase one in October and moving to Phase two starting November.

Open House

Thank you to all who attended our open house. We all had Fun playing and the children shared our classroom with their families.

Happy Birthday

The Lords & Ladies would like to wish a Happy Birthday to everyone born in October, and will enjoy celebrating.

Pumpkin Patch

We have a field trip scheduled to Peach Tree Farms October 27th. There will be a sign up sheet on our door, please keep checking our door for more information.

Boo Blast

On Friday, October 29th the Academy will be celebrating Halloween.  Please bring your child’s costume to school that day.  We will dress your child in their Halloween costume after naptime.  We encourage our parents to come and enjoy the festivities with their child.  We will be providing you with more details closer to our big event.

Mizzou Homecoming

Mizzou’s homecoming is the 23rd of October.  All children and their families are welcome to participate in the homecoming parade events with the Academy.  Please look for further information.


Please make sure that your child has weather appropriate change of clothing in their cubby.

Thank You!

Thank you for a great start of the 2010-2011 school year.  Your children are amazing, and we have enjoyed learning about apples, taking nature walks, talking about families, and much more during August and September!  Please always feel free to walk around our classroom and see what your children have been working on.  We will meet during November for parent teacher conferences, but please see us before then if you have any questions or concerns.

Sincerely, Ms Ellen