Squires Newsletter South: July 2010

Life as a Squire is very busy these days.  The children are enjoying water play on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  They are really enjoying running and splashing in the water.  They are braving the heat to play outside except on the very worst days. They enjoy dancing with Miss Laura and music with Miss Michelle.

For July, we are planning on learning about the ocean and having fun with circus activities at the end of the month.  We will discuss summer fun and activities related to July 4th.  We will make a class flag to display in the hall.

Above all the children in the Squires are enjoying learning and being with their friends.  Our PBS lessons include using inside voices, using kind words and kind hands with their friends.

Important dates…

July 5-Holiday (no school)

July 6-Chase’s Birthday

July 18-Miss Emily’s Birthday

July 25-Spencer’s Birthday

August 6-Academy annual Picnic (at East Location from 6-8)

Thanks for all of your support everyday.  We laugh with them all the time.  They are all special little individuals.

Respectfully, Ms. Barb, Ms Emily Ms. Amy