Knights and Maidens Newsletter East: August 2010

It seems like summer just started and we are already starting to think about end-of-summer activities and changes. We are excited for the many great things we have planned for the month of August. The Pre-K students will move onto kindergarten and they are completely prepared to face the new adventures that await them. During the month of August we will also be helping the younger students as they transition into the upcoming Pre-K class.  We are planning end of the year field trips, more information to follow.


August 6 – Annual Academy Picnic 6-8 PM

August 9 – Happy Birthday, Maggie

August 23 – A Great Beginning to a New School Year!

August 24 – Happy Birthday, Logan J.

We are looking forward to a great beginning to a new school year.  Thanks again, parents, for all that you do.

Ms Sharon and Ms Mac